3L ports 3L Diamond multiprocessing software tools to CommAgility DSP board making multicore development easy to harness performance

3rd June 2013
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3L have announced availability of its 3L Diamond suite for use with the CommAgility AMC-2C6678 high performance DSP/FPGA card. Under continual evolution since 1987, 3L Diamond auto-magically handles the interconnection management when tasks are moved to different cores or devices.
Engineers are free to focus on the application instead of the irritating minutiae of the connectivity. This freedom helps maximise the benefits of the C6678 multicore DSPs from Texas Instruments Incorporated (TI), built on the KeyStone architecture.

The AMC-2C6678 is a single-width, full-sized AMC card powered by two of TI’s latest TMS320C6678 DSPs, each with eight 1.25GHz C66x cores. It is ideal for a range of high performance DSP/FPGA processing applications. The board also includes a Xilinx Virtex-6 FPGA and a 20Gbps per port Serial RapidIO infrastructure.

The CommAgility AMC-2C6678 is the latest of many pre-installed hardware platforms supported within 3L Diamond. Each licence includes access to all supported devices and boards. Copious royalty-free examples and tutorials demonstrate the creation and simple movement of tasks around available hardware.

“With 3L Diamond, moving tasks between devices and cores becomes a trivial effort. The main perceived complexity of multicore development is removed and engineers can focus on the application,” said Guy Hunter, responsible for Sales and Business Development at 3L. “Whether migrating legacy code or deciding on the best topology, the flexibility provided by 3L Diamond dramatically reduces risks of project delays associated with change.”

Dr Peter Robertson, Founder of 3L Ltd, said, “From the earliest days of parallel processing, we identified that access to the processing power needed to be simplified. Evolving through support for devices like the Transputer and 'C40, 3L Diamond provides proven, simple access to the performance of Texas Instruments' multicore DSPs.”

“TI enjoys collaborating with companies like 3L and CommAgility, who are committed to extending the reach of TI’s KeyStone platform to a variety of customers,” said Dave Bell, applications manager, DSP, TI. “Our collaboration is helping simplify the software development environment, helping customers achieve maximum performance on the KeyStone architecture.”

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