Altium to demonstrate Altium Designer online

3rd December 2007
ES Admin
Altium Limited, the developer of unified electronic product development solutions, is holding a series of live web conferences that introduce and demonstrate Altium Designer’s powerful new features and how its unified platform can be used to exploit today’s low-cost, high-performance programmable devices.
The web conferences will allow participants to witness the latest Altium technology and to interact with Altium’s application engineers in an online Q&A session. The conferences will be available in German, French or English.
The latest version of Altium Designer has more than 300 significant new features and enhancements which continue the unification of board level design, programmable hardware and embedded software development into a single design environment. These features address the needs of each of these design disciplines in a single, unified architecture. They provide a single, coherent view of the design, share a single user interface and share a single data storage model.
The unified architecture of Altium Designer continues to simplify the task of designing electronics systems, harnessing new technologies and integrating the electronics design processes with the rest of an organization. Across these unified features, higher levels of design abstraction enhance design reuse, speed up the design process and extend the options for designers without having to acquire new skills.

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