A better way to build secure modern software systems

15th October 2018
Alex Lynn

Embedded and systems software company, Lynx Software Technologies, took to the stage at Intel Federal Summit to introduce a simplifying software architecture and development approach for achieving certifiability with increasingly complex software systems on ever more intricate processor platforms. Lynx is also a Platinum Sponsor of the Summit.

Safety and security critical markets continue to face substantial cost and schedule challenges in the certification of complex software systems. The most common and critical software component that must be managed within this context is the foundational software layer that controls the CPU and facilitates the execution of applications, the ‘kernel’. As critical markets migrate towards multi-core and virtualisation, increased complexity will only exacerbate existing costly software certification issues unless elegant solutions that scale across the multi-core platform can be applied.

Will Keegan, CTO, Lynx Software Technologies commented: “At Lynx we have always had a secure by design approach and I’m looking forward to introducing the audience at Intel Federal Summit to an alternative software architecture. Our development approach embraces the adoption of advanced multi-core hardware capabilities while also simplifying commonly observed models in OS and hypervisor kernel designs.”

Lynx reduces the cost and schedule risks of certification projects within safety and security critical contexts through leveraging a simpler foundation, strictly moulded to CPU virtualisation (e.g. Intel VT-x) and deliberately promoting a CPU architecture-centric development model versus a traditional OS system-call-centric user model.

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