A 360° surround-view and automated parking systems

28th January 2020
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Arriving home late at night to a garage filled with bicycles, sports equipment and yard gear, you hope there is enough room to fit your car inside for the night. On a rainy and cold morning, the office parking lot is nearly full, with every available spot seemingly miles from the front door. 

Heading into town on a Friday night, the only thing between you and the start of a fun evening is determining whether or not your car will fit into the only available parking spot—and still let you squeeze out of the vehicle.

These are typical scenarios that can be frustrating for drivers who are in a hurry, trying to avoid the elements, or just seeking a little convenience. Fortunately, automated driving capabilities will ease these frustrations and make the driving experience more convenient and enjoyable, even for mundane tasks like parking a car. 

Basic surround-view systems give drivers visual cues to make them more informed and aware of their surroundings. Deep learning applied to the video images captured by the car’s cameras enable more sophisticated services, such as locating open parking spaces, automating the parking process and enabling driverless ‘automated valet’ capabilities.

To read the full paper from Texas Instruments, click here.

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