3D translator processes all JT assembly types

31st October 2016
Alice Matthews

A V19.3 Inventor to JT Visualise 3D translator has been released by Theorem Solutions which supports Inventor 2015 and 2016, and up to and including the JT file format version 10.0 with additional support for the Theorem Unified Interface. The Inventor to JT translator has been developed using the Autodesk Inventor development environment and translates up to and including the latest versions of Inventor data into the JT file format.

The translator can be run using the freely available Inventor View application as a minimum system requirement, so access to a full license of Inventor is not required. The translator processes all JT assembly types, regardless of data structure.

Theorem’s Visualise 3D products are aimed at creating visualisation data for users of digital mock-up, virtual reality or desktop applications and support the translation of assembly structure, geometry and attributes.

Theorem’s UI helps the development and streamlining of translation and downstream processes by allowing engineering data to be filtered, viewed, interrogated, manipulated and translated interactively or in batches with the ability to publish user specific documentation.

Theorem’s partnerships with Autodesk and Siemens ensures that there is a parallel development between the latest releases of Inventor, JT and Theorem’s Visualise 3D products, allowing Theorem to continue to provide data solutions to the Inventor and JT communities.

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