Cyber Security

Unstable network connections remain a major concern

14th July 2020
Lanna Cooper

Almost half (46%) of businesses reported feeling let down by WAN (Wide Area Network) connectivity which may make them more vulnerable to cyber attacks, a new survey shows.

The survey, conducted by iomart, shows that businesses with between 20-49 office locations are more likely to experience connectivity problems than other organisations, with 31% of employees reporting WAN frustrations.

Connectivity issues seem to be a particular concern for security engineers, who account for 38.5% of respondents.

This could prove dangerous for businesses, as unsatisfactory network connections significantly increase the chance that users will turn to insecure internet connections or devices to carry out their work. The risks of unsecured connectivity include an increased vulnerability to viruses and malware.

This risk increases when employees work from home, as home wireless networks aren’t subject to the same levels of security, maintenance or monitoring as business networks.

Despite this, 45% of businesses are not planning to introduce secure internet services to their business network, despite 50% of respondents saying connectivity causes issues for them.

Since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic, cyber attacks have risen as criminals take advantage of the unprecedented shift to remote working. In fact, the proportion of attacks targeting workers via email reportedly increased by 48% between March and mid-May alone.

Bill Strain, Director, iomart, commented on the importance of secured internet connectivity, saying: “Although businesses may be reluctant to invest in network security due to cost concerns, the security implications of an unstable network could prove catastrophic in the event of a breach. Remote workers are more vulnerable to breaches such as ransomware, viruses or hacking, as critical office security measures are less likely to be in place. Investing in secure connectivity will help minimise the potential threats from bad actors and improve long-term business productivity and performance."

To see the full results of the network and infrastructure survey, click here.

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