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The solution to the epidemic of Network Security breaches

10th September 2021
Beatrice O'Flaherty

If your personal information has ever fallen victim to a large network security breach, you know it’s no laughing matter. From dating sites and social media platforms to credit card companies, health insurance companies and banks, to government agencies, no one wants their sensitive information caught in the web of a security breach.

In the last eight years, alone, data driven companies Yahoo, Alibaba, Linkedin, Facebook, Apple’s iCloud, Ashley Madison, Adult Friend Finder, and various health insurance companies have all had one thing in common - they’ve all been breached!

The collateral damage is the private information of their hundreds of millions of users and customers.

However, some enterprise networks across healthcare, banking, social platforms, and government agencies have now chosen a different route for their routers to ensure they won’t have to send out mass letters that start something like this: “There was a security breach and your information may have been compromised.” It’s called out of band, and it means that the IT management, diagnostic and management software is encrypted, secure and not part of the internal network. It’s called Uplogix.

In 2021 The United States Army, Social Security Administration, Department of Veteran’s Affairs, Merck, Blue Cross Blue Shield, The Brooklyn Hospital Center, major national banks and offshore oil rigs (some of who suffered breaches in years past) have opted to secure their user information and other sensitive data with a remote, out-of-band, IT solution called Uplogix. 

Offering one of the reasons that Uplogix is relevant to this 21st century security problem, Billy Moran, Senior Marketing Manager of Uplogix, explained: “The key is that ‘security’ is all about everything working properly, not just isolated areas of a network. Securing personal data or keeping up with software updates are crucial, but they’re not the entire picture. With Uplogix, our part of securing everything within a network is focused on the network infrastructure, itself.  The very devices that make the networks work – routers, switches, firewalls and more; we handle a number of things, in real time, and with a holistic outside of network approach.

This means that if the network, itself, becomes corrupted or faulty, Uplogix is unaffected and can instantly and effectively fix the issue before that issue becomes a problem.”

A Taste of How Uplogix Does It

  • Uplogix connects over (and owns) the console or management port on network devices. This means that if someone were to try to physically access a device to make changes, Uplogix’s intelligence will alert that loss of connection. In addition, Uplogix stores current and past configuration files, locally, so if someone made changes to a device’s configuration, you’ll have a copy of what they did and can easily roll it back to the previous version… quickly.
  • For users to remotely access a device through Uplogix, we integrate with existing TACACS and other AAA (Access, Authentication, and Accounting) platforms to ensure that users only get access to the right devices, and Uplogix can even limit them to only run commands specific to their privileges.

Moving Network Device Management Out-of-Band is Imperative

The NSA (National Security Agency) published guidelines recommending that network management traffic, the monitoring and changes made by network admins, not be conducted over the operational network, but separated and passed over a secondary, or out-of-band network. This is how Uplogix was designed to operate from its founding over 15 years ago.

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