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The riskiest holiday destinations for cyber security

6th July 2017
Alice Matthews


It's that time of year again where almost everyone disappears for a week or two, also known as the summer holidays. Unfortunately, however, no holiday is risk-free, and Keeper Securiy have revealed the top ten riskiest holiday destinations for cyber security. Keeper Security is a password manager and digital vault for consumers.

Top ten riskiest holiday destinations for cyber security:

  1. US 5 million mobile threats
  2. UK 2 million mobile threats
  3. Spain 1.7 million mobile threats
  4. France 700k mobile threats
  5. Poland 475k mobile threats
  6. Canada 400k mobile threats
  7. Italy 400k mobile threats
  8. Portugal 375k mobile threats
  9. The Netherlands 320k mobile threats
  10. Greece 75k mobile threats

In layman's terms, mobile threats means the amount of times someones phone and online data has been hacked into and stolen.

Top tips on how to stay safe abroad:

  • Double check to be sure all of your apps are password protected with fresh, new passwords, ideally stored in your password management system so you don’t have to remember any of them. When doing this, use two-factor authentication if possible, which most devices have today. Make the passwords eight characters or longer with a combination of nonsensical letters, numbers, and symbols. And don’t use the same PIN for hotel room safes that you use for your device password.
  • At all cost, avoid using 'public' digital devices, such as those at coffee houses, libraries, and bookstores. They are often notoriously riddled with malware lurking to steal your information. If you use them, you should presume that someone other than you would see any information you enter
  • Be very careful about connecting to any WiFi network if you haven’t subscribed to a global service previously, per the tip above. These are prime milieus for cyber thieves.
  • Don’t charge your devices using anything other than your own chargers plugged directly into the wall or into your adapter. It is easy for cyber thieves to install malware onto hotel and other public docking stations. And never connect any USB drive or other removable media that you don’t personally own. Again, they are easy to load with malicious software.

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