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Tessian offers free platform to tackle cyber threats

4th May 2020
Alex Lynn

Tessian has announced that it is offering businesses a 60-day free trial of its email security platform in a bid to help companies tackle the exponential rise in COVID-19 phishing attacks and overcome new challenges associated with the transition to remote working.

With access to Tessian’s core platform enables companies can use machine learning to automatically understand where sensitive data is at risk, prevent incidents of accidental data loss and data exfiltration on email, and protect employees from threats like spear phishing. Businesses have until May 15th to sign up. 

Tim Sadler, CEO for Tessian, commented: “Protecting people and data on email has never been more important during this global health pandemic. The risks to data and people are at an all-time high. Employees are more reliant on email to stay connected and share company data with colleagues, customers and suppliers, while hackers have been taking advantage of email’s open nature to launch COVID-19 phishing attacks.

“We want to help businesses gain visibility on any email security blind spots and ensure that their people are able to work safely while working remotely. We hope this 60-day free trial of Tessian services will provide relief for many UK businesses, and are proud to offer this help at such an important time.”

In addition to the 60-day free trial, Tessian is also offering businesses a free threat report. This will give IT security teams visibility into their organisation’s security gaps as well as any historical data compromises that might have not been previously detected.

In just five minutes, companies will be able to download the report to see what spear phishing emails reached user inboxes, what sensitive data was exfiltrated to unauthorized email accounts and what emails were sent to incorrect contacts in the past year. They will also receive a bespoke threat consultation to understand how any historical data security incidents occurred and how they can stop them before they happen in the future.

Sadler added: “Human error is the leading causes of data breaches today. With greater visibility into the risks posed to data in organisations, IT security teams can start to put measures in place to prevent the incidents that could cause a breach before they happen.

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