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Smarttech247 unveils Aio, VisionX's AI Assistant

3rd January 2024
Sheryl Miles

Smarttech247, a multi-award-winning provider of AI-enhanced cybersecurity services providing automated managed detection and response for a portfolio of international clients, is pleased to announce the upcoming launch of Aio, a brand new AI Assistant in its VisionX platform, during Q1 2024.

VisionX is Smarttech247's managed detection and response (MDR) platform which provides around-the-clock security orchestration. Aio will provide enhanced AI features including risk analysis into potential security threats, faster and more efficient rapid incident responses, in-depth vulnerability information, advanced threat hunting and personalised security recommendations, an intuitive user interface and real-time cybersecurity updates.

This AI-enabled MDR platform will be used in tandem with human-led monitoring from Smarttech247's expert team, empowering organisations to leverage AI and intelligent automation to enhance their security operations.

Raluca Saceanu, CEO of Smarttech247, commented: "We are delighted to announce the upcoming launch of Aio, VisionX's new AI Assistant during Q1 2024. Aio demonstrates Smarttech247's continuing commitment to innovation and its proactive approach to meet the ever-evolving demands of cybersecurity. Aio is designed to transform how VisionX users engage with their cybersecurity systems, enhancing their ability to understand and respond to cyber threats effectively."



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