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Smart platform goes beyond traditional surveillance systems

18th April 2018
Lanna Cooper

Teleste will launch a new solution for situational awareness and incident management at Securex 2018 in Poland. The solution, called S-AWARE, has been designed to expand the scope of traditional security and operations control systems by harnessing them with a new layer of data analytics and intelligence. The solution provides operating personnel with a powerful tool to sharpen their decision-making process by taking advantage of versatile types of data from a variety of sources.

“Security and operations control systems, such as video surveillance systems,  are getting increasingly complex and they produce more and more data. This can become increasingly laborious and costly to manage and, in addition, operating personnel is faced by the challenge of how the collected data can be filtrated and turned into useful information, sharp insights and correct actions,” explained Esa Harju, Head of Teleste’s Video Security and Information business unit.

He continued to say: “The S-AWARE solution has been created to help operators control all the data in their operational systems in order to achieve a holistic view on their surroundings and quickly assess a correct resolution to each incident. The development work follows our strategy of providing solutions for the security operators and operating personnel for the overall management of situations, not merely monitoring them.”

The central point of a sharper decision-making process
S-AWARE creates a powerful platform for achieving effectivity and responsiveness that are well beyond traditional video surveillance systems. It makes it possible to collect, analyse and aggregate situational information from multiple, separate sources within the security and operational systems for display on a single graphical user interface.

It also allows operators to apply several intelligent features and functionalities for incident management and can be used for reporting, training and development purposes.

With its pre-defined and configurable workflows, the solution can aid operators and operating personnel in decision-making during routine operations and also when unwanted incidents occur.

As making the best decisions requires that you are fully aware of what is going on in each situation, S-AWARE ensures that the right information is always available and delivered to the right people at the right time.

The advanced reporting, debriefing and training tools ensure that you can also utilise the solution for training purposes and for projecting future events.

A new layer of capabilities for your existing security and operational systems
S-AWARE is available as a standalone product, or you can utilise it to bring an additional layer to Teleste’s S-VMX video surveillance and information management solution. The S-AWARE and S-VMX systems work seamlessly together and can be integrated in the same graphical user interface.

The S-AWARE platform also offers a large base of compatible integrations for security operators and other operators whose current video surveillance system is something other than the S-VMX. The platform continues to be developed for the changing needs of versatile, mission-critical security systems within vertical segments, e.g. the public sector, public transport and other selected vertical segments.

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