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Rockwell Automation app assesses cyber security

28th May 2020
Alex Lynn

Rockwell Automation has released a new app that will help operations managers, plant floor managers and IT/OT professionals gauge levels of operational risk within their connected infrastructures.

The Assessment Hub app covers networks, automation assets and cyber security and has been developed to help ensure that managers are more aware of the increased level of risks associated with the growing expansion of connected workspaces and smart manufacturing.

Available now for Android and iOS, the app asks a series of simple, intuitive and thought-provoking questions before delivering a personalised low-, medium- or high-risk rating, relative to current industry best practice.

According to Marc Baret, EMEA Regional Director, Customer Support and Maintenance, at Rockwell Automation: “Modern connected manufacturing operations rely on robust, secure interconnected infrastructures and assets – a weakness at any point in this chain can introduce significant operational risks. As factories and plants grow organically into a Connected Enterprise, it can be tough to keep track of precisely what has been installed and its potentially negative effects on the enterprise should any issues arise.

“We have developed this app to act as the starting point for a more thorough plant assessment,” he continues, “because in our significant experience, from projects all over the globe, simple operational issues and risks can often be indicative of larger, more widespread problems, which are not always that easy to predict or analyse.

“By asking questions about networks, assets and security – even just a few simple ones, such as those used in the app,” Baret concludes, “users can start to build a picture of where the potential risks are and then evolve and expand their operations in a more structured and well-managed environment. The primary aim of the app and our Network Security Services is to help our customers build a more secure and robust architecture upon which future, more productive and more profitable operations can be based.”

The Assessment Hub App is available now in the Apple App Store and the Google Play Store.

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