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Increased security for industrial networks

27th May 2021
Alex Lynn

Paessler has announced a partnership with Rhebo to provide joint customers with all-round monitoring and increased security for their IT and OT environments. With an increase in digitisation in the industrial sector, formerly isolated production facilities are opening up to the internet and integrating with IT or becoming digitised.

On the one hand, this creates new threat scenarios through viruses, ransomware or Trojans; on the other hand, different conditions prevail in OT systems and different technical prerequisites exist, which present many IT methods or systems with completely new tasks. Despite all the hurdles, however, digitisation in industry offers so much potential that the process can no longer be stopped if industrial companies want to remain competitive.

The decisive factors here are the right strategy and the use of the right solutions. Paessler and Rhebo offer a comprehensive solution that ensures security and availability for industrial networks via the integration of Rhebo Industrial Protector with PRTG Network Monitor from Paessler.

Attack and anomaly detection with Rhebo

Rhebo provides vendor-independent attack detection systems and network condition monitoring tools for industrial environments. Rhebo's solutions passively and non-reactively detect any anomalies in the OT and thus also form a data basis for inventory and risk assessment, among other things.

Via deep packet inspection, Rhebo operates attack detection, detection of technical fault conditions and provides forensic analysis. In addition, the company provides professional services for advanced diagnosis and mitigation of reported anomalies and threats. Based on these products and services, Rhebo ensures reliable protection against attacks and failures in industrial networks.

Monitoring IT and industrial environments with PRTG

Thanks to the support of industrial protocols and methods such as JSON, MQTT, OPC-UA or Modbus, PRTG Network Monitor extends the classic IT portfolio and offers itself as a monitoring solution for merging IT and OT.

PRTG collects data on availability and performance of devices, data traffic and services, its alerts are based on defined thresholds and it publishes the data in the form of dashboards and reports. PRTG ensures that problems with IT and OT infrastructures as well as data traffic are detected early so that timely measures can be taken and outages prevented.

Protection and resilience thanks to Rhebo and Paessler

While Paessler PRTG Network Monitor keeps an eye on the complete IT environment and large parts of the OT environment, Rhebo provides the missing information from the industrial environment thanks to ICS (Industrial Control System) monitoring and anomaly detection, and supplements monitoring with in-depth analysis and advanced services. Due to the special conditions in OT networks, ‘pull-based’ IT monitoring methods are not always possible. This is where Rhebo Industrial Protector complements PRTG with its passive monitoring methods as well as its ability to collect data in real time.

Helmut Binder, CEO, Paessler, said: "The Rhebo Industrial Protector complements our classic monitoring with innovative solutions for anomaly detection in industrial networks. This enables us to create transparency and security for our customers in the digitisation of their production facilities."

Klaus Mochalski, CEO, Rhebo, added: "With Paessler, we have found a partner that has been setting standards in terms of versatility and usability in IT monitoring for decades. Paessler's approach to extend the concept of a comprehensive basic monitoring for the OT area provides the ideal complement to our specialised security solutions. Our customers benefit from the combination of a broad overview and in-depth analyses."

Register here for the webinar on Wednesday 2nd June to find out more about the partnership between Paessler and Rhebo.

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