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25th October 2017
Anna Flockett

If you take a minute and actually look what the year 2016 brought us it is pretty amazing. It was a year that smart homes and driverless technology really took off, so what next? Well Neil Bosworth, UK Manager, at digital security company Gemalto believes that: “If 2016 was the year that the Internet of Things broke into mainstream consciousness, 2017 will be the one where it starts to prove its worth.”

IoT is part of everyday life now and is all around us. Consumers are being wowed by virtual assistants that turn on the lights, and those in enterprise are discovering how to demonstrate real value to business.

Now that the initial hype is overcome the technology and connectivity is here and sensors are bringing in data that is robust.

Gemalto are a digital security company that aims to deliver easy to use technologies and services, to authenticate identities and protect data to keep customers safe, and also to help enable services in personal devices, connected objects from the cloud and in between.

A growing area, consumer electronics need a lot of precautions and security, as the growing convergence of information, communication and entertainment is bringing a new era of consumer electronics across the world. This market in particular has grown dramatically over the past three years and devices such as smartphone, tablets and laptops have changed the way end users behave.

Gemalto can help you to differentiate your consumer electronics
With a full range of secure products and services Gemalto enables consumer electronics manufacturers to offer new types of services to its customers and differentiate products from the competition.

For example, the company offers a range of eSE secure end-to-end solutions. The eSE (embedded Secure Element) is a tamper-proof chip available in different sizes and designs, embedded in any mobile device. It ensures the data is stored in a safe place and information is given to only authorised applications and people. It is like a personal ID for the end user and for the device itself.

As a multi-applicative the eSE allows a secure wide range of applications in any type of device and has various uses - payment, couponing, transport, access control, ticketing, corporate, cloud computing, e-government.

It all depends on the device, but eSE functionalities can vary, especially in the remote and secure ways to retrieve data, secure connectivity, and strengthen user authentication and device integrity.

Gemalto, however doesn’t just focus on consumer electronics – it covers a large area of security as within an age of increasingly open borders and growing urbanisation, there is a basic human need for security - now more than ever.

To enable secure connectivity, Gemalto devised Cinterion M2M technology, which also enables a wide range of advanced capabilities including NFC-enabled locks controlled by smartphones, video streaming, listen-in capabilities on voice channels and high performance battery management systems with long standby times.

Since the modules are compact, they can be easily built into small devices and are less likely to be spotted by thieves.​

Two-fold security net
As you use cellular M2M technology, it can make existing systems far more secure by quickly integrating new sensors to extend security capabilities and sending data over secure mobile wireless networks and cloud-based platforms.

Flexibility is very important in today’s technology, and M2M-enabled wireless alarm systems can be installed anywhere, quickly and easily.

Even lacking fixed-line networks can be easily reinstalled in the case of a move, again providing the important quality of flexibility.

Expansion of the security technology market
The combination of wireless alarm technology expanding into security systems, and the ease at which it can be retro-fitted, have led to the growth of the ‘smart’ security solutions market, which will continue on a bigger scale.

Remote configuration
Secure wireless connectivity via mobile networks allows security systems to be configured, updated and switched on and off securely over the air.

At any time inherent GPS capabilities of cellular-based technology and integrated GPS hardware can be easily integrated to track and locate people, stolen goods, children, pets and property. An even more useful factor is that in the event of an emergency, it can significantly speed response times.

Video streaming and video surveillance
Advanced​​ 3G, 4G and LTE technologies have enabled advanced video surveillance, expanded protection and security capabilities.​

Gemalto have the experience in digital security to add value to businesses and governments by protecting identities and data no matter what. This is done is two ways:

Authenticate: Embedded secure software in devices and objects to authenticate people and things.

Protect: Running secure software on platforms to protect and encrypt data across networks.

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