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Finnish authority orders Sectra Tiger solution for mobile communication of classified information

10th May 2023
Kristian McCann

A Finnish authority has ordered units of the approved high assurance mobile encryption solution Sectra Tiger/S from international cybersecurity and medical imaging IT company Sectra. 

The solution enables users to securely and efficiently communicate classified information up to and including the classification level SECRET-information that could, if it were to fall into the wrong hands, severely damage the security of a nation or its allies.

"It is crucial for us to always be able to communicate classified information, regardless of where and when it is needed. Our users also need to feel confident in the products they are using when discussing sensitive topics. Hence, we chose Sectra's encryption solution since it is approved and used by similar government organisations in other EU countries," says a governmental official at the Finnish authority.

Sectra Tiger/S is a quantum-resilient mobile phone approved by national security authorities, NATO and the EU for use up to and including the classification level SECRET. It allows the user to share classified information through encrypted speech, messaging and data transfer. The solution offers high availability as it can utilize a variety of IP networks, such as satellite, fixed and mobile networks, for all types of communication. Visit Sectra's website to read more about Sectra Tiger/S.

"Given the unstable security situation in Europe, there is an increased need within many organisations for secure and approved solutions that can facilitate the exchange of highly classified information. This order shows that our solutions meet these high demands and thereby ensure that the exchanged information stays secure at all times. It is an honour to support the governmental officials in their daily work and to contribute to the information security of the Republic of Finland," says Pekka Nurhonen, Vice President Sectra Communications OY.

The order from the Finnish authority was signed in the fourth quarter of Sectra's 2022/2023 fiscal year.

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