Cyber Security

eMCOS and XGuard protect mission-critical assets

1st March 2021
Alex Lynn

eSOL, creator of the eMCOS multikernel (distributed microkernel) RTOS, and Karamba Security, have combined eSOL’s eMCOS and Karamba’s XGuard solutions to offer advanced cyber-protection for connected cars and smart-factory equipment.

“Karamba Security is excited to enhance its partnership with eSOL,” added Ami Dotan, Karamba Security’s CEO and Co-Founder. “Extending XGuard support to protect eMCOS and eMCOS Hypervisor will enable customers to benefit not only from the extremely advanced OS architecture, but also from seamless protection of customer applications.”

“Integrating the cyber-protection features of eMCOS and Karamba’s XGuard platform delivers unprecedented assurance for mission-critical and safety-critical connected assets,” said Bob N. Ueyama, Executive Vice President at eSOL. “In addition to strengthening attack resistance, the resulting solution secures applications proactively through advanced monitoring and analysis.”

As the only commercially available multikernel RTOS, eMCOS is conceived to fulfil emerging automotive and industrial use cases that require high throughput multicore computing with hard real-time performance while ensuring safety and security.

eMCOS not only provides custom flexibility and scalability, but also simplifies developers' tasks by being optimised for software-defined architectures that will be used for future edge computing in embedded systems such as autonomous vehicles and real-time IoT applications like factory automation or industrial robots. The eMCOS real-time hypervisor provides virtualisation to enable safe applications with mixed criticality.

When running on eMCOS, Karamba’s XGuard enables applications to protect themselves against cyber-attacks. XGuard provides patented, automatic policy generation that identifies legitimate binaries, as well as anti-tampering and event reporting of attacks that assists root-cause analysis.

Moreover, the XGuard embedded security agent connects to Karamba’s XGuard Monitor that provides continuous attack detection and response. Leveraging hybrid local and cloud-level analytics, XGuard product suite features powerful forensic tools to identify attackers’ behavior and generate actionable intelligence.

For more information and to see eMCOS and XGuard in action, visitors to this year’s embedded world DIGITAL trade fair (March 1st to 5th, 2021), can engage with eSOL and Karamba Security throughout the event.

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