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Cyber security training goes multilingual to meet demand

9th April 2020
Alex Lynn

Cyber Risk Aware (CRA) has announced that it offers real time cyber security awareness training and has achieved GCHQ accredited security awareness training. With the recent Covid-19 outbreak, more businesses have had to adopt a remote workforce, which has resulted in the cyber threat to businesses increasing dramatically.

Having cyber security trained staff has never been so important, which is why CRA is happy to be able to help by extending its product offering to more regions. Its training offering, and added multilingual capabilities to its world-renowned cyber security training platform, are now available in over 15 languages.

What is even better is that it offers native tongue translations where other companies commonly opt for machine translation, making sure that anyone can be vigilant against cyber threats regardless of their native tongue or location.

Cyber Risk Aware (CRA) has been leading the industry in cyber risk awareness training since 2016. By providing training to organisations and their staff, CRA teaches people to recognise what a cyber threat looks like and what to do when seeing one, creating a human first line of defence.Cyber attacks can happen to any organisation at any time, regardless of location.

In recent years we have seen a rise in cyber attacks against both individuals and organisations and it has never been more important to ensure a company’s protection. Training employees to recognise potential cyber threats is one of the most effective ways to combat cyber attacks as 90% of cyber attacks happen due to human error.

Stephen Burke, CEO and founder of CRA said: “Cyber security is a global issue and every country should be able to get the right training in order to tackle it head on. I’m delighted that we now offer our training solutions in over 15 languages, making it accessible to a wider, international audience. While other companies offer machine generated translations, we offer mother tongue translations, ensuring efficient and comprehensible training.

“Our aim is to make Cyber Risk Aware training accessible globally no matter what language you speak, so that everyone has the capability to recognise a cyber security threat before it’s too late.” 

Consistency in cyber security knowledge across departments in different countries is crucial. Making training accessible to a wider audience will increase cyber security awareness on a global scale and reduce the amount of cyber attacks on companies.

Cyber Risk Aware’s training is now available in US English, UK English, French, Polish, Swedish, German,Dutch, Spanish-Spain, Spanish-Mexico, Czech, Portuguese-Portugal, Portuguese-Brazil, Japanese, Italian and Chinese (Mandarin). 

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