Cyber Security

Cyber security for the new age

4th October 2019
Alex Lynn

We live in exciting times. We’re the generation that grew up watching Sci-Fi heroes do the impossible thanks to clever tech. We’re also the generation that has seen some of the techs become a reality in our own lifetimes. Mobile phones are reminiscent of those old Star Trek communicators, and intelligent machines have now moved from the realm of fiction to fact. 

In fact, those communicators that we loved so much on TV now seem like a hopelessly outdated piece of technology.

Of course, these advancements come at a cost. We’ve never been more interconnected as people, but privacy is at an all-time low. And cyber criminals are cashing in as a result. Last year alone, cyber criminals stole a total of $445 billion.

Captain Kirk may have had to deal with Romulans, but we’ve got sneakier adversaries. Cyber criminals use trickery, and some cleverly written malware to create utter chaos for us.

Fortunately, we’re not completely helpless. By adopting an ever-vigilant approach, and cyber security best practices, we can ward off assaults. And we’ve got a great place for you to start. The infographic below has been painstakingly compiled to give you an overview of the cyber security threats and actionable steps to safeguard yourself.

You’ll find out:

  • What the greatest hacks of this century are, in terms of financial loss and user accounts exposed.
  • More about the two top hackers in the world – although we’re pretty sure we want these guys as far away from us as possible.
  • Why small and medium businesses are more at risk than you might think.
  • The consequences of a breach for small and medium enterprises.
  • What you can do to secure your business and personal data.
  • Myths that need to be busted.
  • How governments are dealing with the problem.

Are you ready to get a crash course in cyber security? Then scroll down and get started.

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