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BlackBerry solutions address 96% of enterprise threat landscape

25th June 2020
Lanna Cooper

BlackBerry has announced findings from an independent Frost & Sullivan report which concludes that BlackBerry can secure all IoT endpoints, and upwards of 96% of all cyber threats. The report reviews the cyber threat landscape and the proportion of risks that BlackBerry’s suite of solutions protect enterprises against.

After quantifying the overall market in terms of number of attacks and categorising those attacks as more preventable by either network- or endpoint-based security, Frost & Sullivan determined that comprehensive endpoint-based security tools from BlackBerry protect against upwards of 96% of attacks, noting that the percentage is likely to increase because of the growing proliferation and importance of Internet of Things (IoT) devices.

“With the pace of technological innovation, enterprise endpoints and the amount of data shared at the edge growing exponentially, and expanding device interconnectivity creating vulnerabilities at a rate few organisations can handle, today’s business environment is widespread with cyber chaos,” said John Chen, Executive Chairman and CEO of BlackBerry.

“Cyber attacks are a serious threat to everything from our personal data and privacy to an enterprise’s intellectual property and a nation’s critical infrastructure. To be recognised by Frost & Sullivan further validates our strategy to connect, secure, and manage every endpoint in the Internet of Things. And, with BlackBerry Spark, businesses now have a comprehensive AI-powered Zero-Trust platform whose continuous authentication mechanisms provide ongoing validation and security confidence to manage these environments.”

In addition to the overall enterprise need, Frost & Sullivan assessed the potential for BlackBerry to address business security by major industry or application - see here. The report found BlackBerry provides broad coverage for any industry that relies on endpoints, noting that industries with a higher proportion of new endpoints and devices, such as connected cars, would be fully within BlackBerry’s capabilities.

“For enterprises, we predict global cyber-crime related costs to hit $5trn in 2020 and the number of new connected devices to rise to 67 billion devices by 2025, an increase of 167% from 2019. Indeed, the swift pace of technological innovation, combined with companies and individuals’ ever-increasing demand for mobility, means that the attack surface area will expand by an overwhelming amount,” said Roberta Gamble, Partner and Vice President, Frost & Sullivan.

“For almost any organisation, the question will no longer be if it will face a cyber attack - but rather, when. It is an imperative that all businesses ensure that endpoint security is the foundation of their strategy. Partnering with a solution provider like BlackBerry that has the technologies to comprehensively secure an enterprise’s data and communication is the most effective way to ensure security, resilience, and uninterrupted business continuity.”

To download a full copy of the report and summary brief, click here.

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