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Acquisition to expand cyber threat hunting platform

18th June 2018
Alex Lynn

An agreement has been signed by F-Secure to acquire all the outstanding shares of MWR InfoSecurity, a cyber security company. The acquisition is a milestone in the execution of F-Secure’s growth strategy, and makes it a large European single source of cyber security services and detection and response solutions.

Today businesses are challenged by an advanced threat landscape in which attackers continuously use well-designed technology to circumvent traditional protection. Security perimeters are no longer enough to protect organisations and developing better security capabilities on their own is out of reach for many organisations. Due to the shortage of skilled cyber security experts in-house there is a huge demand for both products and services to proactively search for newly emerging threats, detect and respond faster and prevent future incidents. F-Secure’s combination of man and machine positions the company to support businesses to fight advanced attacks with its cyber security products and services.

“The acquisition brings MWR InfoSecurity’s industry-renowned technologies to F-Secure making our detection and response offering unrivalled. Their threat hunting platform (Countercept) is one of the most advanced in the market and is an excellent complement to our existing technologies,” said F-Secure CEO Samu Konttinen. “I’m thrilled to welcome MWR InfoSecurity’s employees to F-Secure. With their vast experience and hundreds of experts performing cyber security services on four continents, we will have unparallelled visibility into real-life cyber attacks 24/7. This enables us to detect indicators across an incredible breadth of attacks so we can protect our customers effectively. As most companies currently lack these capabilities, this represents a significant opportunity to accelerate F-Secure’s growth.”

MWR InfoSecurity CEO, Ian Shaw, who is set to join F-Secure’s Leadership Team, stated: “We’ve always relied on research-driven innovations executed by the best people and technology. This approach has earned MWR InfoSecurity the trust of some of the largest organisations in the world. We see this approach thriving at F-Secure, and we look forward to working together so that we can break new ground in the cyber security industry.”

The combined company will have hundreds of cyber security consultants, making F-Secure well positioned to help organisations fight today’s most sophisticated threats. Learning from the most challenging incident investigations and from targeted attack simulations provide insights that feed directly back into product creation, aiming to make the company’s detection and response solutions constantly upgraded to meet the latest threats.

The transaction is expected to be completed in early July 2018.

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