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Water soluble solder paste launched

19th July 2018
Alex Lynn

It has been announced by SHENMAO America that they are introducing the PF606-PW215 water soluble solder paste. The company offers a full line of water soluble fluxes and solder pastes for SMT and IC packaging applications.

SHENMAO provides halide containing and halide free fluxes for tin/lead as well as lead-free solder alloys.

PF606-PW215 claims continuous high speed printability that produces great solder paste print quality as well as a wide reflow process window for excellent solderability. Additionally, the paste has a long shelf and stencil life as well as wetting and clean ability.

Benefits include:

  • Anti-slump properties that remain six to 12 hours after print time.
  • Substantial deposition remains 12 hours after printing.
  • Tack force that remains at greater than 130gf after 24 hour stand.
  • Paste activity that remains after 19 hour stand.
  • No flux residue after cleaning.

SHENMAO is dedicated to producing solder products including water soluble and no clean solder paste, laser solder paste, solder preform, cored solder wire, wave solder bar alloys and wave soldering fluxes. Additionally, the company offers pure solder powder up to Type 8, BGA and micro BGA solder sphere, wafer level packaging solder paste and fluxes, LED die attach paste, high-performance liquid fluxes, solder preform, solar ribbon and plating anode used in PCB fabrication, assembly and semiconductor packaging processes.

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