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Thermoplastic dispensing for industrial applications

25th March 2014
Nat Bowers


The THERMADOSE line of hot melt production equipment has been introduced by Fisnar Europe. The hot melt systems provide pulse-free, temperature controlled, thermoplastic dispensing for industrial applications using pressure-sensitive adhesives, contact adhesives, waxes and sealants.

THERMADOSE Reservoir tanks are coated with inert Teflon heated by quick-change cartridges for easy maintenance and the Tank controllers include independent over-temperature and over-pressure protection for safe operation. Independently controlled heat zones minimise adhesive degradation for precise, uniform patterns.

Operation of the new equipment is simple: control settings are input using an easy-to-use touch-pad providing simple and rapid setup while LED indicators monitor operation status and functions. Machines can be configured for use in manual and automated applications using either a hand-valve or automated-valve applicator.

Pail and Drum Melters in the THERMADOSE machine handle high volume production requirements of hot melt EVA, PSA, and PUR, supplied from 5gal (20l) pails or 55gal (200l) drums. Melters include precision gear-pump technology providing pulse-free flow of adhesive for precise gluing applications.

Hot melt systems are suitable for direct-contact, non-woven, ribbon-coating, high-speed jetting and product assembly operations.

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