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Temporary mask for PCBs

15th January 2017
Peter Smith

The DYMAX Speedmask 9-20479-B-Rev-A UV/light cure temporary masking agent from Intertronics is  said to improve productivity in printed circuit board assembly because of its fast cure and simple removal.  It is formulated for the protection of pcb connectors and other components, either during the soldering process, or during conformal coating.

It features a particularly tight viscosity tolerance which aids in maintaining good process control during application.

Speedmask 9-20479-B-Rev-A maximises production speed as it cures in seconds under UV/visible light and is solvent and silicone free. It is benign to gold or copper finishes on connector pins or other components. It is extremely thixotropic – flowing easily and consistently with all forms of manual, semi-automatic or fully automated dispensing and then forming a stable coating prior to a fast light cure. It is easily and quickly removed by peeling, leaving behind no ionic or silicone contamination.

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