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Support plates provide enhanced support for heavy loads

25th March 2014
Staff Reporter

Additional support plates, enabling users to limit the movement of the ESD-safe foam fingers while shortening the compression height, has been announced by Count On Tools for their line of ezLOAD Board Supports. The ezLOAD Support Plates are available in 1/4" (0.25) and 3/8" (0.375) heights.

The new ezLOAD PCB Support System features a precision-machined aluminum base with magnetic supports and soft, ESD-safe foam fingers. The ezLOAD system not only reduces changeover times, but also improves product build quality, increases revenues by providing significant cost savings, and eliminates component damage during the assembly process.

Count On Tools’ ezLOAD PAD features active grip technology to securely hold boards during the screen printing process and is ESD-safe. With the basic universal design, there are no mechanical functions to fail. The system requires no air, electronics or communication from the user. Most importantly, the ezLOAD PCB Support System is affordable compared to competitive products on the market.

The ezLOAD PCB Support System is compatible with any SMT equipment, from pick-and-place to chip shooters, screen printers, dispensers, AOI equipment and more. The soft, flexible design makes it extremely durable and is proven to be reliable after testing in the most hazardous
conditions. The ezLOAD PCB Support System is customizable depending on machine requirements, specialized components or specific design application requirements.

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