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Strong two-component adhesive

6th November 2016
Peter Smith

DELO is now offering DELO-DUOPOX SJ8665, a two-component adhesive that is said to provide flexibility and reliability in the production of electric motors. This impact-resistant epoxy resin can be used in a medium temperature range, making it ideal for bonding surface magnets that are subject to sudden loads and fixing stator laminations to housings.

DELO-DUOPOX SJ8665 has a medium viscosity and offers increased strength, with 16 MPa on aluminum at 80°C and double tensile shear strength compared to standard two-component epoxy resins. Bond strength remains the same, even after 1,000 hours of being stored at 85°C with 85% humidity, and shows only a slight decrease after storage in chemicals like gasoline or gear oil.

The new adhesive easily cures at varying times and temperatures, helping make the production process as fast and flexible as possible. Functional strength is achieved within five minutes, with full curing within 10 minutes, both at 80°C. When induction cured at 100°C, DELO-DUOPOX SJ8665 reaches a strength of 10 MPa within one minute, with final curing of the adhesive done at room temperature.

In contrast to one-component products, which need higher curing temperatures of 130°C or more, DELO-DUOPOX SJ8665 is used when bonding temperature-sensitive materials like plastics and magnetized metals. Because DELO-DUOPOX SJ8665 can be cured at 80°C, less time is needed to heat components which allows for faster assembly and a lower demand on energy.    

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