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Solder unit enables right first time connections

22nd January 2016
Mick Elliott

The Weller Automatic Solder Wire System, which delivers single-handed and high-precision manual soldering ability to engineers, enables right-first-time soldering connections that help reduce reworking costs. It is in stock at RS Components. The unit features an automatic solder wire feeder integrated into the soldering iron itself.

This ensures a steady flow of solder and improves the level of accuracy during the manual soldering process, enabling engineers to achieve right-first-time soldering and more accurate connections to wiring, connectors and switches.

Users can also pre-set the amount of solder required so that the solder arrives in sync with its application, making it easy to achieve an evenly tinned solder joint.

To prevent the solder from sticking and enhance the level of control over the flow of solder, the feeder unit has been designed with a non-stick coating on the tube liner inside, which provides greater accuracy for a smooth delivery of solder wire and a reduction in maintenance time.

The integration of the solder feeder with the soldering iron also allows engineers to operate in much safer conditions and helps reduce mistakes.

Single-handed soldering means that engineers have one hand free, which they can use to easily manoeuvre the job in hand and more accurately position wiring or awkward components.

The unit also comes with Timer and Pulse modes, providing engineers with greater control over the method of solder delivery and flexibility over the volume and speed of solder flow.

Integrated start, stop and standby functions mean lower energy consumption and also ensure an extended service life for tips and heating elements.

The dispenser unit can hold a full size 1 kg solder reel, offering hours of continuous work and eliminating the need for frequent solder reel changes.

RS will initially be launching two dispenser units: the WTSF 80 is an 80W model (with 2.4mm solder tip LT B), compatible with Weller WD, WR and WS and WSD solder stations; and the WTSF 120 120W version, which is compatible with WR, WD and WSD solder stations.

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