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Real value stencil cleaning products feature green technology

13th May 2015
Jordan Mulcare

The latest stencil cleaning products will be showcased at the SMTA Carolinas Expo & Tech Forum, scheduled to take place on the 19th May 2015. KYZEN’s stencil cleaning products have been designed from the ground up to meet the tough challenges of cleaning no-clean, lead-free residue from small, 01005 apertures while being compatible with modern nano-coatings as well as with all the modern offline cleaning equipment currently used in the industry.

By providing increased performance, the recent line adds real value with better prints and modern, green technology that is better for the environment. The cleaners save money and provide excellent cost of ownership. The recent line includes:

AQUANOX A8820, which effectively removes common solder pastes and fluxes and demonstrates a favourable compatibility profile with stencil cleaning systems. It works well with spray-in-air and select ultrasonic cleaning machines and is also effective on uncured adhesives. Additionally, the no-foaming property of A8820 is compatible with all materials commonly used in electronic assembly manufacturing and cleaning processes.

AQUANOX A8830 is an ultra-low VOC, environmentally progressive formulation that does not damage stencils and is highly effective at removing all types of solder pastes (water soluble, rosin, and no-clean) from fine-pitch apertures. A8830 is a low odour cleaner than can be used in open systems. The green environmental properties of A8830 make it a suitable option for areas where air emissions are highly regulated.

CYBERSOLV C8882 is a fast-acting stencil cleaning solvent designed for the under-stencil on printer wipe cleaning process. C8882 instantly dissolves all flux types within the solder paste, including water soluble, rosin and low residue no-clean fluxes. C8882 dries quickly, eliminating the streaking and smearing experienced with traditional cleaning solvents.

The products are available in one, five and 55 gallon containers. CYBERSOLVC8622 is also available in 16 ounce spray bottle containers and pre-saturated wipes.

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