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Polyimide labels can survive extreme high temperatures

16th July 2018
Alex Lynn

It has been announced that TE Connectivity (TE) is promoting its very high temperature T1K, T2K and TSK labels. The white self-adhesive labels are suited for identifying components and assemblies that will undergo high temperature processes, environments such as soldering on printed circuit boards (PCB), or long periods at elevated temperatures.

Made of polyimide, the labels have a tightly defined ability to withstand high temperatures. For example, TSK labels will remain in place and legible even after 90 seconds at 300°C, five minutes at 260°C or 100 hours at 150°C.

Three different formats are available. T1K is popular for manual application on relatively small production runs, whereas T2K is thicker and can be applied automatically for large batches. TSK is also suited to automation and offers protection against electrostatic discharge (test methods are in accordance with EOS/ESD S11.11). This is important to avoid damaging sensitive electronic components and to minimise the potential for combustion.

All three types have reportedly excellent contrast, which is helpful when printing or reading bar codes or alphanumeric codes. They are able to withstand harsh conditions experienced during manufacture on the top and bottom sides of printed circuit boards during manufacture. TSK has the ability to withstand chemicals such as solder flux, alkalis and cleaning agents.

Stephen Earley, Global Product Manager for Identification Systems, commented: “TE’s polyimide T1K, T2K and TSK labels can survive at elevated temperatures. This capability means TE’s polyimide labels are ideal for identifying electronic and electrical components.”

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