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Plasma processing for flexible electronic PCBs & substrates

29th May 2014
Nat Bowers

Enabling a rate of as much as 200 units per hour (UPH) for the manufacture of flexible electronic PCBs and substrates, Nordson MARCH introduces its FlexVIA-Plus Plasma Treatment System. The system delivers single-stage plasma processing - including etchback and desmear - of up to 30 panels (panel size 500x813mm or 20x32") per cycle.

The FlexVIA-Plus System's advanced horizontal electrode design, with integrated rack, provides optimum material alignment for industry-leading plasma treatment uniformity. Versatile horizontal racks allow for processing of various flexible PCB sizes and make loading easy. The efficient design with its economical gas consumption and small footprint contributes to a low cost of ownership.

Specifically designed for the processing of flexible PCBs, the new FlexVIA-Plus Plasma System delivers patented, industry-proven plasma technologies that provide superior surface activation, etchback, and desmear process uniformity on both sides of the flex material. The desmear and etchback technologies remove epoxies, polyimides, high Tg blends, mixed materials and other resins more effectively than traditional methods of etching and desmearing. The descum capabilities effectively remove resist residue from inner layers and panels as well as residual solder mask bleed for better bonding and solderability. Temperature-controlled electrodes ensure consistent process repeatability.

Jonathan Doan, Director of Marketing, Nordson MARCH, comments: "The new FlexVIA-Plus Plasma System performs similarly to our ProVIA system, but in a horizontal form-factor, which is ideal for processing flexible PCBs. This system meets the demands of today's high-throughput flexible circuit board manufacturing operations."

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