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New Soldering systems at SMT/Hybrid/Packaging

19th April 2016
Peter Smith

At this years SMT/Hybrid/Packaging, Asscon will present its latest range of vacuum soldering systems including the models VP800 vacuum, VP6000 and VP7000. The highlight will be the new VP7000 multi-vacuum in-line soldering system featuring dual lane transport.

The VP7000 is an in-line system without workpiece carriers for vapor-phase vacuum soldering. The system is ideally suited for the void-free large-scale production of highly complex assemblies, including 3D-MID in continuous operation (24/7) with void rates below 1%, as well as for small series manufacturing with the highest quality requirements. The special thing about the new VP7000 dual lane transport facility compared with the single lane version is the 65% higher throughput. Compared with traditional convection soldering machines, drawing 25 kW/H, the electrical power consumption is two to three times lower. The average power consumption is 5.5 kW, thus making it 150% to 200% lower.

The VP7000 with dual lane transport processes assemblies with dimensions (L x W) up to max. 620 mm x 450 mm with single lane transport, respectively 620 mm x 260 mm with dual lane transport. Further advantages include symmetrical and asymmetrical conveyors, the additional cooling, especially for solid products, and no downtimes when changing over products. What is more, the pin and chain conveyor system ensures high throughput. Since the vacuum can be deactivated on demand, the system can also be used as a standard in-line vapor-phase system.

"As a leading provider in the field of vapor-phase soldering technology, Asscon constantly develops further innovative processes for this technology", explains Asscon Managing Director Claus Zabel. "Industry 4.0 is also a major topic in our company. Even before everyone started talking about it in 2011, Asscon had already implemented customer projects on the basis of these criteria. Asscon soldering units have been integrated into PPC and ERP systems, with system information being exchanged both uni- and bidirectionally. Cross-line product changeovers, process monitoring, product tracking (traceability), production data acquisition are all topics we have already implemented for clients. Asscon provides information and interfaces (e.g. OPC UA) for customized solutions precisely for such applications".

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