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Machine is cost-effective for dual cartridge dispensing

10th June 2014
Staff Reporter

A bench mounted, dual cartridge dispensing machine has been launched by Fisnar Europe. Model DCD provides users with a cost-effective solution for low volume mixing and dispensing of two-part materials in dual cartridges. The fully portable bench-mounted system is simple to install and program for accurate two-part dispensing.

Each feature of the Model DCD has been meticulously designed for the optimal user-experience. The dispenser is mounted on a robust bench support, resulting in a system that can be pneumatically controlled and adjusted in height and angle for dispensing. A compact controller provides all the necessary air logic functions, and maintains control of air pressure to the dispenser.

The machine includes a pneumatically actuated dual-cartridge piston dispenser, which applies pressure to accurately meter materials contained in a dual cartridge. The machine’s static mixer finally combines the two materials, while the piston retraction control allows for easy loading and unloading of the cartridge. A pinch-valve is with each system for increased accuracy and drip-free dispensing of low-viscosity materials. The valve is fitted to the exit tip of the static mixer and operated by an air portal on the controller and a pneumatic foot pedal facilitates the hands-free operation.

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