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KYOCERA AVX launches new circuit matching service

14th February 2023
Kristian McCann

KYOCERA AVX has introduced a new circuit matching service designed to help customers quickly and confidently select suitable crystal timing devices.

When oscillator circuits aren't optimised for customers' ICs or timing devices, it can result in abnormal oscillation or even prevent oscillation, which could lead to device failure. The new online circuit matching service identifies KYOCERA AVX crystal timing devices recommended by leading global IC manufacturers to ensure that customers choose compatible timing devices. This assurance delivers critical benefits including improved oscillation start-up times and stable oscillation with higher gain margins, which are especially valuable in automotive industry designs.

The online tool features timing device recommendations for ICs manufactured by 40 leading global suppliers. The resulting circuit matching report provides customers with parameters including start-up time, drive level, initial frequency deviation, and negative resistance. It also provides recommended circuit constants for load capacitors, feedback resistors, and dampening resistors.

If additional support is needed, customers can have their PCBs evaluated by KYOCERA AVX technical support centres in the U.S., Germany, China, Korea, and Japan.

"We're proud to launch our new circuit matching service and to provide our crystal timing device customers with confidence and peace of mind," said Bob Azuma, Marketing Director, KYOCERA AVX. "KYOCERA is a leading global developer of cutting-edge crystal timing devices. We offer ultraminiature and high-accuracy solutions, as well as products engineered for a wide range of operating temperatures, and our new online IC matching tool and global design support service will make it quicker and easier than ever for customers to identify the crystal components they need to develop robust and reliable oscillation circuits."

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