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Hakko’s solder stations stand the test of time

4th June 2021
Alex Lynn

Hakko has always taken pride in the build quality of its vast product range. The company manufactures soldering, de-soldering, PCB rework, smoke and fume extraction equipment and related accessories for major global electronics and industrial manufacturers across all sectors.

One of Hakko’s long-term customers were reportedly originally using a soldering station from a competitor brand but they were unhappy with the Solder Tip life. The customer employed many operators and each of them were using one tip per day at a cost of £5.00 each per day. When they approached Hakko to provide a solution, they discovered that the Hakko tips, although more expensive, offered a significantly longer tip life, lasting for weeks at a time.

The costs that the customer saved on the extended tip life justified the purchase of numerous Hakko FX-951 solder station units. Hakko’s customer conveyed that the original FX-951 units they purchased 15 years ago are still in use today.

The Hakko FX-951 solder station is a high-performance system with superior thermal recovery, suited for electronics and even industrial applications. With a wide operating temperature range between 200 and 450°C and temperature stability of ± 5°C, the FX-951 features a lockout key card to set and lock parameters such as unit of measure, temperature offset, low temperature alarm and power saving (when used with the FH200-01 iron stand). With superior heat transfer and thermal recovery, the FX-951 uses the standard FM-2028 Handset but can also be used in conjunction with the FM-2032 Micro-soldering iron.

The FM-2032 iron is suited for soldering most smaller components. The FM-2028 and FM-2032 both use quick change cartridge tips with an integrated heater/sensor. The FM-2028 uses T15 series tips and the FM-2032 uses the T30 tip series. The FX-951 station is supplied with the FH-200 iron holder and a circular sponge for tip cleaning, although the 599B-02 Cleaning Wire Holder is designed to fit into the Iron Holder and can be purchased separately.

When the sleep mode function is engaged, the tip temperature is reduced to 200°C, to reduce tip oxidation and help extend tip life. When the iron is removed from the holder, the temperature quickly resumes to your set temperature. In addition, the FX951 will automatically shut down after 30 minutes of inactivity.

Ron Jakeman said: “It is phenomenal to receive such excellent feedback from a customer and a true testament to the durability and superior build quality that the industry has come to expect from Hakko. The company has established a tremendous reputation globally for its reliable, high performance products and building customer loyalty is central to Hakko’s customer-focused organisation.”


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