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Filler pads offer long-term thermal stability

17th February 2016
Peter Smith

Chomerics has launched THERM-A-GAP MCS30, a series of ultra-soft (Shore 00-25), low weight-loss, fully cured thermal filler pads for low deflection force applications with moderate thermal conductivity and high reliability. Target uses include desktop computers, laptop servers, telecommunications equipment, memory modules and both consumer and automotive electronics.

According to the company, the main advantage of THERM-A-GAP MCS30 thermal filler pads is that their cross-linked soft gel structure provides superior performance and long-term thermal stability over conventional high modulus thermal pads. Specifically, Chomerics has designed the thermal interface material for use in applications requiring low compression forces.

Ease-of-handling and application are also important features of this advanced product range, hence the presence of two natural tack sides. Furthermore, the inherent softness of THERM-A-GAP MCS30 facilitates conformance to irregular surfaces.

Another point of note is that Chomerics has developed a product which not only exhibits superior long-term physical and thermal reliability, but demonstrates resistance to the thermal oxidation degradation associated with continuous application temperatures of up to 200°C.

THERM-A-GAP MCS30 comes in standard thicknesses of 0.5 to 5.0mm, although custom thicknesses are available on request. Product features include thermal conductivity of 3W/m-K@20psi, electrical isolation, low outgassing (0.06%) and low silicone extractable properties (0.25%). It is RoHS compliant and offers a 24-month shelf life from date of manufacture.

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