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Fast curing epoxy used for medical devices

10th January 2017
Anna Flockett

A high-strength fast curing epoxy for use in the assembly of medical devices, the Master Bond EP3HTND-2Med Black, fully meets USP Class VI specifications. This one part system delivers resistance to a variety of sterilisation methods such as chemical sterilants, EtO, radiation and especially autoclaving.

As a one component system, EP3HTND-2Med Black does not require any mixing and essentially has an unlimited working life at room temperature. This epoxy has a paste consistency and is formulated not to flow while curing. It cures within minutes when heated at 250-300°F, the higher the temperature, the faster the cure speed. Also, it has low shrinkage upon curing.

This system bonds well to a wide variety of substrates including glass, metals, ceramics and most plastics. EP3HTND-2Med Black features a tensile strength of 5,000-6,000psi and tensile lap shear strength of 1,600-1,800psi at room temperature.

It is a competent electrical insulator with a volume resistivity exceeding 1014 ohm-cm. The service temperature range of this compound is -60 to 400°F (-51 to 204°C). EP3HTND-2Med Black is available in ½ pints, pints, quarts, gallons and five gallon containers as well as syringes. This epoxy has a six month shelf life when stored at room temperature in its original, unopened containers.

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