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Conformal coating provides reliable PCB protection

6th March 2018
Alice Matthews

Global silicon-based technology provider, Dow Performance Silicones, has introduced DOWSIL CC-3122 conformal coating, a solvent-free silicone formulation offering supposedly excellent protection of printed circuit boards (PCBs) targeting transportation, aerospace, consumer and industrial applications.

“This innovative new silicone solution demonstrates the power of Dow materials science when combined with our collaborative approach to addressing industry demands,” said Yasuaki Futagami, Marketing Manager, PCB and System Assembly at The Dow Chemical Company. “The first product in what is to be a broader portfolio of solvent-free conformal coatings, our new DOWSIL CC-3122 coating delivers long-term reliability in extreme environmental conditions.”

DOWSIL CC-3122 coating offers a low viscosity (80cp) and a low coefficient of kinetic friction to flow freely into fine pitches and narrow gaps or spaces on PCBs and components. This faster-flowing, moisture-cured material supports manual or automated spraying for faster processing times. Oven heat is not required, but the optional application of mild heat can dramatically accelerate its already rapid cure rates.

After cure, DOWSIL CC-3122 delivers high hardness (75 Shore A) to protect sensitive board components. Its post-cure surface exhibits low tack to minimise dust pickup. It further provides controlled volatility for preventing silicone contamination and contains an aid for preventing against sulfur corrosion. DOWSIL CC-3122 has been tested and validated to meet automotive industry standards for reliability.

The material is available to Dow Performance Silicones’ customers worldwide.

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