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Bracket holders for desktop and gantry dispensing robots

19th October 2017
Alice Matthews

Global precision fluid dispensing systems manufacturer, Fisnar, has launched its brand new modular robot bracket range. The multi-part product line includes bracket holders for desktop and gantry dispensing robots, mounting plates, cartridge retainer brackets, valve and syringe mounting brackets. In addition to the individual products, Fisnar has put together a collection of standard bracket kits to cater for the most popular dispense requirements.

For every Fisnar robot series, there is a compatible robot bracket and each of these brackets have been carefully designed to work together in creating a smooth, efficient and consistent dispense experience for the end user.

The high quality and durable Fisnar brackets have enhanced benefits such as the dovetail feature. This design allows the user to quickly adjust the dispense position to a fixed mechanical Z-Axis point, resulting in an improved cycle time. Machine down-time during valve maintenance is also reduced as the valve can be quickly removed and re-installed onto the robot without any positional adjustment within the robot dispense programme.

With increased efficiency and effectiveness, Fisnar is confident its new robot brackets will suit all dispense application requirements. Robert Campbell, Global Product Manager, explained: “The new robot brackets offer our end users more versatility than ever before. Their modular design allows an endless number of possible configurations to be created, ensuring we can offer our customers the most ideal set-up for their automated dispense application. Our brackets are compatible with all Fisnar robot platforms and other dispensing robots used within our industry.”

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