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Benchtop dispensing robots offering flexibility

15th January 2019
Alex Lynn

Manufacturer of dispensing equipment solutions, Fisnar, has launched its next generation F4000 Advance Series of benchtop dispensing robots. This new robotics collection upgrades Fisnar’s existing F4000N range with enhanced product features and the addition of three completely new models, plus multiple size variations to accommodate customers’ diverse spectrum of dispensing requirements. 

The core function of all F4000 Advance benchtop dispensing robots is to ensure precise fluid placement and positioning. When configured with a syringe, cartridge or valve system, F4000 Advance robots achieve the highest level of positional accuracy and repeatability. Additional features include a USB port for data transfer and back-up, program selector switch and fluid purge button.

The F4000 Advance supporting software is user friendly and enables the creation of complex dispensing routines, such as dots, lines, circles, arcs and fills, that can be set up and operational using the included teach pendant. Furthermore, Fisnar’s proprietary programming software is Microsoft Windows based and gives users the opportunity to import DXF files into the robot program, allowing dispense lines or dots to be quickly created from the imported CAD data in the software. This capability reduces programming time for complex dispense patterns, or when there is a high number of dispense positions. 

What is particularly special about the F4000 Advance robot platform is that it has been designed to accommodate a range of bolt-on robot accessories, easily attached to its modular connectivity back-panel. Robot accessories are excellent tools for improving efficiency even further and options include input/output (I/O) expansion module, auxiliary rotation axis, CCD Camera vision system, remote operation box, height sensor, tip alignment module and a tip adjustment kit.

The F4000 Advance Series contains a total of four Models, three Axis, four Axis, five Axis and a Dual Table Robot option. The three and four axis models are available in four sizes from 300x300mm through to 600x500mm. The five Axis robot has a working area of 500x500mm and provides both a rotational vertical axis and a horizontal axis for applying adhesives and sealants on curved, vertical or difficult to reach applications. 

Finally, the dual table robot allows for high speed manufacturing due to the elimination of part changeover and loading time. This is made possible with the removal of finished parts and the loading of new parts on the fixture of one table, while the other table is being processed by the robot.

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