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Altus get their coat with new Rehm products

21st August 2018
Lanna Cooper


Altus Group is supporting its long standing pre-eminent supplier, Rehm Thermal Systems, as the company collaborates with Electrolube to provide coating systems and lacquers to guarantee optimum results during jetting, dispensing, spraying or curtain coating.

Rehm has combined its expertise with Electrolube to deliver a range of products to help companies within the electronics industry.

Manufacturers can now get the best out of their conformal coating processes with the highest precision and shortest cycle times during a continuous production process, with the added benefit of exact coating results.

With the increase in microelectronics, the requirement for smaller tolerances between areas to be lacquered becomes more difficult. To address this problem, Rehm has a range of products to tackle the problem, including the Protecto system.

Protecto coating system offers manufacturers peace of mind for automatic in-line coating tasks. The machine can be used in several application methods including dispensing, spraying or jetting, without changing the applicator or causing ‘splatters’.

It reliably protects sensitive electronic assemblies from damage by corrosion or other environmental influences such as humidity, chemicals or dust.

It coats hard to reach areas for example underneath components and has the ability to perform up to four different selective coating tasks effortlessly with up to four coating applicators in multiple applications.

The combination of Rehm’s systems with Electrolube’s coating solutions, allows Altus to offer clients the gold-standard in coating technology.

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