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Advanced nano coating technology for increasing demand

11th July 2018
Alex Lynn

It has been announced by P2i that its high speed Splash-proof X nano coating solution is available. With improvements made in the process that chemically bonds its patented water resistant coating to electronic devices, OEMs can now process up to twice as many devices in the same amount of time. 

P2i has already coated over 300 million smart phones with its original Splash-proof technology. Splash-proof X is geared towards larger and higher efficiency production runs. Splash-proof X is delivering liquid resistant nano coatings to a range of IoT devices.

In addition to the improvements in product efficiency the coating itself has also been upgraded, to improve contact angles, and protection against liquid ingress, while maintaining the nano thinness of the coating. The Splash-proof X process is also Oleophobic, providing protection for sensitive components from exposure to environmental oils, grease and sweat.

Ady Moores, CEO of P2i, commented, “P2i is matching the demand for its products by investing heavily in research and development, we are working on bringing new products to market, but also dramatically improving the capabilities of existing solutions. Splash-proof has been widely utilised by the likes of Huawei and Lenovo in the protection of its devices and we look forward to seeing a new generation of smartphones leaving the production line; faster and with greater protection.”

P2i coating chambers can be found operating on five continents and is currently deploying a significant capacity of its Splash-proof X machines into the Indian sub-continent. P2i estimates that facility and utility costs can be reduced by up to 50%, with the increased daily machine capacity of Splash-proof X significantly reducing the Total Cost of Ownership to customers.

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