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Acrylic conformal coating enables wider process window

16th April 2014
Staff Reporter

An acrylic conformal coating, that gives PCB assemblers a wider process window and greater flexibility in their coating operation, has been launched by Techspray. The Fine-L-Kote High Viscosity AR boasts high viscosity, allowing operators to use as-is for dipping, or to thin down for spray systems. 

This coating is tested and approved in the most popular selective spray systems, both atomized and airless models. Designed with high solids content to maximize coating thickness and reduce production time. Either 2105 or 2110 Techspray Conformal Coating Thinners are able available to reduce the viscosity to fit ideal process parameters.

In addition to the Fine-L-Kote coatings, Techspray offers Turbo-Coat acrylic coatings. Turbo-Coat offers the advantages of incredibly fast cure time and now toxicity, while our new coating is ideal for increasing coating thickness and reducing material cost. Doug Ngai, Product Manager of Process Chemicals, stated:  "Our new Fine-L-Kote High Viscosity AR coating is ideal for high speed coating of automotive electronics, consumer electronics and more.”

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