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3D Pin Inspection with EyeVision 3D software

12th September 2022
Sheryl Miles

With the EyeVision 3D software, pins of any shape can be measured and checked for their correct position and reeling circle.

The 3D software performs a reeling circle inspection. This checks the deflection of the pins on a lateral plane, using orthogonal observation. In addition, EyeVision 3D also measures the set depth of the pins. Through the 3D inspection it is possible to measure the height of the pin tip on the connector.

Another advantage of pin inspection with EVT is the continuous error detection and error measurement.

The PinInspector 2.0 enables a specially optimised pin inspection procedure.

It offers:

  • Specially adapted EyeVision 3D software with ready-made inspection programme kit
  • Laser triangulation sensor EyeScan AT 3D
  • Compact industrial PC
  • Linear axis (optional)

The PinInspector can be used to measure the following characteristics of connectors and pins:

  • The reeling circle
  • The set depth of the pins
  • Faults on the connector

EyeVision additionally offers:

  • Detailed statistics with all result values in the built-in SQL database or connection to the company database
  • Complete administration of all measured and inspected characteristics in a database for production tracking
  • Integration of scanner systems for RFID or code readers (barcode, DMC, QR, OCR) for product tracking and allocation

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