Z-Stack end device power consumption measurement

27th February 2019
Alex Lynn

The CC2652R device from Texas Instruments is the ideal System-on-Chip for high-performance Zigbee applications, addressing many product specifications from a low-power standpoint. The CC2652R combines a powerful 48MHz Arm Cortex-M4F CPU with up to 80KB of RAM and 352KB of on-chip flash. 

With a dedicated Radio Controller handling low-level RF protocol commands stored in ROM, it can handle complex network stacks ensuring ultra-low power and great flexibility.

In the world of IoT, battery life is tremendously valued by customers, cutting down on bill of materials and battery replacement costs, while enabling easy maintenance and product convenience. Therefore, current consumption of devices inside a connected network must have their current consumption tightly controlled. The CC2652R is designed with the lowest power performance in sleep mode, active mode, and during sensor and data processing.

When range is an important consideration for an application, Texas Instruments offers the CC1352P device, which contains a +20-dBm integrated high-power amplifier with a best-in-class efficiency for long range applications. The CC1352P is a multiprotocol Sub-1 and 2.4GHz with the same powerful system, offering the ability for a high-performance, long range Zigbee device.

To read the full paper, click here.

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