USB dongle transmits and receives in Wireless M-Bus format

16th December 2013
Staff Reporter

Developed to facilitate transmission and reception of radio frames in the Wireless M-Bus format, the USB Dongle from ADEUNIS RF is a ready-to-use system and compatible with the EN 13757-4: 2005 standard.


The miniaturized transceiver (TX-RX) can aquire (RX function) Wireless M-Bus frames and transmit them to any collection device and/or data operating system equipped with an USB port. The dongle can transmit (TX function) radio frames intended for a remote equipment and conduct supervision and remote maintenance operations. Implementation of the reciever is immediate, due to the plug and play system. The connected device powers the dongle, whilst also allowing the collection of the data transmitted in T1, T2, R1, R2, S1, S1-m or S2 mode. Performance is maximised in the small form-factor dongle with an 868MHz integrated antenna.

Combining products Adeunis RF AMR range allows designers to create an independent ecosystem to ensure the emission, transport and collection of consumption indexes using Wireless M-Bus protocol.



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