TQ unveil the TQMa28L, small and plugless ARM9 module

5th December 2012
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With the new TQMa28L, TQ has created a module variant of the TQMa28 without a connector on a tiny 30mm x 30mm space. The module is a software-compatible variation that can be soldered directly onto the basis board using the Land Grid Array. The module is an excellent core for applications in smart metering, human-machine interfaces, and industrial control due to its variety of interfaces, very small module size, and low power consumption.
The CPU board TQMa28L, based on an i.MX28 processor by Freescale, offers the highest processing power at a reasonable price with its 450 MHz. Generous on-board components provide enough resources for applications that require a lot of storage.

The LGA technique is what makes cost advantages possible: the module's 191 connections are placed on its underside, which is shaped like a chessboard (grid array) of contact surfaces (land). The module can be soldered to the motherboard at a low cost without plugs using a qualified soldering process.

The energy-saving i.MX28 micro-controller with ARM926 core provides an extensive periphery on chip. Communication with the outside world is possible through 2x 10/100Mbit fast Ethernet controllers, USB host / USB OTG controller, three UARTs, 2 CAN controllers for CAN 2.0B, and even a 24 bit LCD controller for displays up to SVGA resolution. Other functional units can be linked into the system internally using QSPI and I2C.

The TQMa28L offers up to 256MByte of memory storage and up to 32 GB eMMC Flash for programs and data. All externally usable processor signals are assembled on the LGA interface in a 2mm grid. The board impresses with its tiny size of only 30mm x 30mm. Very slim designs can be achieved by soldering the module directly onto the motherboard. The development process took into account long-term availability of components and high reliability even under poor installation conditions.

The module stands out because of its two Ethernet interfaces that are integrated into the processor, its power management, and the already existing battery charging function. The two Ethernet interfaces can be operated independently of each other and as Ethernet switches.

There are software patches for Linux 2.6, WIN CE 6.0, and QNX for the hardware.

Affordable basis boards can be developed thanks to a 10-layer microvia HD PC board and the highest degree of integration into the module. Customers benefit from a huge cost advantage compared to a design-in. In a design-in, the entire PC board would have to be constructed using expensive technology in view of the routing.

The starter kit consists of a conventional version with a connector to make exchanging the evaluation model easy.

The TQ Minimodule TQMa28L lets the customer implement system solutions quickly and cost-effectively even for high-volume projects. The user also has access to all available documents, BSP, and demo applications.

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