The world’s first QLED screen for cars from Harman

11th January 2018
Lanna Cooper

According to Samsung and HARMAN, in-car displays and user experience are going to be the cornerstone in transforming the automotive industry. Debuting at CES 2018 in a Maserati show car on HARMAN’s stand, HARMAN’s QLED Auto is a collaboration with Samsung to extend the premium visual experience of Quantum Dot-based displays from the lifestyle and consumer segment to automotive applications, enabling high gamut display performance for the automotive market at a competitive price.

In a world where every surface inside the car could become a screen, consumers will expect the same kind of visual experience they get on their personal electronics when they buckle-up.

Partnering with Samsung to enhance technologies typically found in other industries such as television (QLED) and personal computing, HARMAN plans to deliver the same type of immersive user experiences consumers get in their homes and on the go into a vehicle’s cockpit.

While the driver will be able to see the navigation map, HARMAN’s demo shows how the passenger can use the right side of the screen to watch a video that they’ve download from the cloud.

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