Tap-to-connect NFC chip simplifies mobile connectivity

5th January 2015
Siobhan O'Gorman

An automotive-grade NFC chip, which features tap-to-connect technology, has been introduced by Broadcom. The BCM89095 simplifies the set-up process for mobile device connectivity within the vehicle and enables convenience applications such as keyless entry and vehicle settings. 

NFC technology allows drivers to transfer content from mobile devices to vehicle infotainment systems by simply tapping the device against the dashboard, rather than navigating menus on two separate screens. Drivers can also integrate NFC in a windshield, which allows an NFC-enabled digital key to exchange data such as authentication, user profile and vehicle information. This use can also be extended beyond the vehicle for tasks, such as mobile payments and access to restricted buildings or parking garages.

According to the company, the BCM89095 reduces power consumption by 60%, uses 30% fewer components and a 35% smaller board area than previous generation devices. The stringent requirements of the automotive industry including high temperature tolerance, and AECQ100, ISO9001 and TS16949 manufacturing guidelines, are met by the NFC chip.

"The NFC market is experiencing explosive growth in a variety of end market segments and we anticipate this strong trajectory to continue," said Dominique Bonte, Vice President and Practice Director, ABI Research. "The automotive market in particular holds great promise for NFC."

"Today's advanced in-car technologies are driving a dramatic leap forward in automotive entertainment," commented Richard Barrett, Director of Wireless Connectivity, Broadcom. "Broadcom's automotive NFC chip offers an innovative architecture that reduces development time for our customers while providing a simplified tap-to-connect experience for drivers and passengers."

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