Slant-polarised OMNI antenna covers 5,150 to 5,950MHz frequency range

29th January 2020
Alex Lynn

KP Performance Antennas has released a new four-port OMNI antenna that is well suited for WISP, cellular and fixed wireless applications. KP’s new four-port, slant-polarised antenna delivers OMNI performance in a small form factor package. This 27” OMNI antenna limits the tower footprint and provides 360° coverage with 13 dBi pre-beamforming antenna gain, making it ideal for micro-pop deployments.

It also optimises four by four MU-MIMO’s full capabilities with the Cambium ePMP3000, utilising the antenna’s two overlapping bidirectional dipole-like pattern. These patterns provide high gain to maximise coverage area and low side lobes to improve isolation between MIMO chains.

This new antenna includes a Cambium ePMP3000 radio mount with an aluminium cover that protects the radio and cables from the environment. Also included are four Reverse Polarity SMA to N-Male LMR 195 six inch cables. Depending on the radio and terrain, operators can expect coverage to span within two to five miles of the antenna. This antenna will stand up to the harshest elements with a UV-resistant PVC radome and robust hardware.

“Our new four-port OMNI antenna is stand out product with a small form factor design, optimised for the Cambium Networks ePMP3000 access point to provide a cost effective, high gain, single antenna solution for small cell and macro deployments,” said Ken Izatt, Antenna Product Line Manager.

KP’s new four-port, slant-polarised OMNI antenna is in-stock and can be ordered directly from any of KP’s authorised distributors or from the KP Performance Antennas website.

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