SigmaDSP processor improves audio performance

10th January 2014
Nat Bowers

Adding an audio-centric device to the company's SigmaDSP processor line, the ADAU1452 from Analog Devices greatly exceeds the signal processing capabilities of earlier SigmaDSP devices. Executing up to three times more audio processing algorithms than its predecessors, hardware and software updates enable the processor to give system designers the flexibility to improve the audio performance of their products.

The ADAU1452 is targeted for use in applications including automotive infotainment (amplifiers and head units), consumer audio (soundbars, sub-woofers and active speakers), and professional audio (amplifiers, mixers and effects units). Created using ADI’s user-friendly SigmaStudio graphical programming tool, the ADAU1452 features a unique hardware architecture optimised for efficient processing of audio signal flows. Additionally, it is the first product in the SigmaDSP audio processor family allowing simultaneous time-domain and frequency-domain processing. This extends the range of signal processing techniques that can be implemented to solve system design problems.

The SigmaDSP audio processor has a 1.2V, 32-bit DSP core running at frequencies up to 294.912MHz, and can execute up to 6,144 instructions per sample (the approximate equivalent of 1.2GMAC/s or 295MIPS) at the standard sample rate of 48kHz. With a streamlined core architecture it enables more than 3,000 biquad filters to be executed in a single program, while the expanded data memories can accommodate FIR filters of up to 24,000 taps in length. Designing complex multi-rate audio systems is simplfied with clock generators, on-board asynchronous sample-rate converters and flexible hardware audio routing matrix. The ADAU1452's clock hardware and integer phase-locked loop can generate up to 15 audio sample rates simultaneously.

The ADAU1452 interfaces to a variety of data converters, digital audio devices, amplifiers, and control circuitry. Featuring configurable 48-channel, 32-bit serial ports, stereo S/PDIF interfaces, and multi-purpose input/output pins, the audio processor also directly interfaces with up to four MEMS microphones using a PDM interface and integrated decimation filter. With independent slave and master I2C/SPI control ports, the device can also be programmed and configured by an external master device, and act as the master and directly configure external slave devices. This enables the design of compact standalone systems that do not require an external input to operate.

Supplied in a 72-lead LFCSP, the ADAU1452 is available now for sampling and in production quantities. It is priced at $11.99 (USD) each in 1,000 unit quantities. Analog Devices also offer the EVAL-ADAU1452MINIZ evaluation kit for $200.00 (USD).

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