Range of products are based on the 6th Gen Intel Core processor family

11th September 2015
Siobhan O'Gorman

DFI has introduced a range of products based on 6th Gen Intel Core processor family, including 12 industrial motherboards, two SBCs, four COM Express modules and one compact ULT-based embedded system.

The latest Intel Core processors are built on Intel’s new 14nm technology using 2nd gen 3D tri-gate transistors and deliver blazing fast computing and graphics performance. DFI’s products come with LGA/BGA-package processors designed with the Intel C236/100 series chipsets to target the IoT smart computing solutions that require scalable processing power, enhanced display capabilities, and product stability.

DFI, as an associate member of the Intel IoT Solutions Alliance, works closely with Intel on development of next-gen standards-based building blocks, platforms and solutions for the embedded market segments. To ensure our customers stay ahead of the competition, DFI has deployed a complete product line applying the 6th Gen Intel Core processor.

DFI’s 6th Gen Intel Core processor-based boards support up to three independent video streams and increased display resolutions to provide a stunning Ultra HD 4K media experience. This new generation platform allows the embedded boards to drive breathtaking 3D video content and multiple displays simultaneously for a variety of graphics and compute-intensive solutions including medical imaging, gaming and digital signage.

The embedded solutions are also able to support DDR4 memory with optional ECC capability which offers customers optimising speed and power efficiency to process data faster and draw on the improved responsiveness. Taking the advantages of DDR4 memory, the motherboards can satisfy the ever-increasing workload demands of data centres and enterprise servers nowadays.

A new version of Intel vPro Technology features, such as Intel Active Management Technology 11.0, enable enterprises to remotely manage and repair their workstations or servers in real time, thereby increasing efficiency. Furthermore, Intel VT and Intel TXT improve security and reliability by allowing critical applications like bank transaction to run safely in isolation and preventing unauthorised software from starting up.

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